Introduction & President’s Message

Based on my professional career for over 25 years at Mitsui & Co., Ltd, I have supported a lot of international transactions all over the world as a trade consultant. And it may be no exaggeration to say that especially Brazil and Poland are the second home for me since I have established very close relationship with these 2 countries.

We are not only going to deliver the foodstuffs, traditional goods and commodities mainly from the 2 countries, but also support to deepen the relationship with these countries through coordination of tours, sponsoring intercultural events and so on, taking advantage of the domestic networks in each country.

On the other hand, we have conducted production, management and promotion of the works by world-wide creators. Above all, we could have very good reputations for all the movies produced by ourselves. We, therefore, would like to continue production and produce of content for various media as one of our important businesses.

Nobufumi Miyake, President & CEO

Corporate details

Company Name:

Sanshin International Ltd.


5-31, #405, Ikutamamae-machi, Tennoji-ku, Osaka, 543-0072, Japan


+81 6 6775 6305

Date founded:

February 10, 1989 Capital:95 million Yen or US$840,708 (@US$=¥113.-)

Representative Director:

Nobufumi Miyake, CEO

Main activities:

Agent for import and/or export and off-shore trade. Tour coordination for business training or workshop. Translation.

Business Descriptions

  1. Rental, management, sales and agency of real estate.
  2. Agency of non-life insurance and solicitation of life insurance.
  3. Wholesale, retail, import and export of liquors, and their mail order business.
  4. Import, export and selling of foodstuffs (seafoods, meats, vegetables, candies, grains, beans, noodles and their frozen foods, dry foods and canned foods), soft drinks, oils, teas, cigarettes, spices, feedstuffs, fertilizers, processed seafoods, wild vegetables and other seasonings.
  5. Import, export and selling of medical goods, quasi-pharmaceutical goods, healthy foods, sanitary goods and cosmetics.
  6. Import, export and selling of clothes, commodities, works of art, artifacts and interior accessories.
  7. Import, export and selling of stationaries, sport goods, leather goods, toys, hardware, ceramics, precious metals, jewelries, fine arts and crafts, antiques, dishes, bedclothes, and clothing accessories.
  8. Distribution of sight-seeing information, planning and promoting tours.
  9. Planning, production and selling of movies, pictures and videos.
  10. Contract works of planning, site management and actual site operations for various events, exhibitions, and campaigns.
  11. Translation and interpretation of foreign languages.
  12. Management consulting and marketing research for various purposes.