Introduction & President’s Message

miyakeUsing my more than 25 years of employment at Mitsui Trading and experience working as a trading consultant, I have embarked in a new business.
During my career, I have dealt with food and cuisine from many different countries. Among them, there are many products that use natural ingredients and promote good health. I firmly believe these products are what today’s consumer desires.
I particularly want to introduce Japan to foodstuffs and products from Poland. The countries is known as developing industrial nations, but their agricultural and dairy farming have a long tradition. However, these are not familiar to Japanese consumers, and I hope to make many persons aware of them.
Another facet of our operations is coordinating tours to Poland, Australia and other countries in Europe and planning and sponsoring cultural exchange events that help strengthen the bonds between Japan and the rest of the world.

Nobufumi Miyake, President & CEO

Corporate details

Company Name     Sanshin International Ltd.
ADDRESS     3-8-803 Komiya-cho, Tennouji-ku, Osaka City, Osaka 543-0036, Japan
TEL・FAX     +81 6 6775 6305
Date founded     Feb 10, 1989
Capital     95 million yen
Representative Director     Nobufumi Miyake, CEO
Yoshiharu Mihara, CIO (Information and Public Relations)
Business operations     

    Import & export agent & Consultation
    Polish Commerce
    Overseas tour coordination (corporate inspection, tourism, training, etc.)