Brazil has kept very close relationship with Japan for a long time.

But it has become much closer to Japanese people on the occasion of the Olympic Games held in Rio de Janeiro in August, 2016,

Starting from the conclusion of Treaty of Amity and Commerce between Japan and Brazil in 1895, in 1908 full-scale immigration from Japan began, and, with a short break-off during the World War II but re-establishing diplomatic relations right after the War, constant human and economic exchanges have been maintained.

The first generation of immigration under the Japanese national policy used to have very hard times to take root in the societies. But their descendants have well integrated in Brazilian societies and now they have obtained important positions in various industries.


Brazil has the largest territory in South America and its principal industry used to be agriculture. But now it has changed to the industrialized country from 1940s onward because of its governmental policies for the economic development, and through the drastic economic growth so-called “Brazilian Miracle” in 1970s, Brazilian economy is now supported by versatile industries such as Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery, Mining, Manufacturing and Servicing. Also it has a lot of cultural aspects that have developed to have world-wide influences. Brazilian culture has been uniquely developed with the mixture of those brought in from natives, Europeans, Africans and Asians. And Brazil has put many celebrities who have excellent reputations in the field of sports, music, movies and literatures out into the world.

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