Poland, the meeting place of Eastern and Western European cultures

Heart of Europe, Poland, a nation geographically, politically and culturally at the heart of Europe, has more than a 1,000 year history and is blessed with abundant natural settings. Poland has given birth to numerous globally famous figures. The name most persons first think of is Fredrick Chopin. Famous Poles include medieval astronomer Copernicus. Polish Nobel laureates include Madame Curie, a two-time recipient, and Peace Award recipient and former president Lech Walesa. Other well-known Poles are Pope John Paul II, who was loved by many around the world, Andrzej Wajda, a masterful film director, and the inventor of the manmade universal language Esperanto.

Culinary knowledge that has been obstinately passed down by generations and secret tastes

Poles, who have always had a high regard for customers, provide the best hospitality for travelers with the finest cuisine. Polish cuisine has been influenced for hundreds of years not only by Italian and French cuisine, but also Mongolian, Armenian, Lithuanian, Cossack, Hungarian and Jewish cooking. It has masterfully combined these elements into a unique culinary culture.

Try Polish cuisine made with healthy, natural ingredients

Polish cuisine is most concerned with nature. It doesn’t rely on artificial fertilizer, unnatural flavorings and additives, but insists on bringing out the taste of natural ingredients. Poland, which is still a largely unknown nation in Japan, has an astonishing culinary culture. Sanshin International Ltd. imports selective Polish products that are safe and healthy.

Overseas tour coordination

Sanshin International Ltd. organizes and operates tours for all sorts of purposes to Poland, Brazil and other countries. We have local staff and tour operators who speak Japanese in each country.

Sanshin has already conducted tours to Sweden, Denmark, Britain, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, etc.

Import & export agent & Consultation

With the backing of many years of experience in the trading and consulting businesses, Sanshin International Ltd. is an import and export agency that analyzes markets and predicts sales to scout for and develop products that benefit both the manufacturer and seller.

consultingNot only does Sanshin International Ltd. import and export a large variety of products as a trading agency, we can provide customers with assistance in areas related to trading such as transport, insurance, currency exchange, legal and tax investigations, translation and interpretation.

We can provide you with the most suitable advice. Please feel free to contact us if you are thinking of getting into the trading business or are dissatisfied with your current business dealings.


  • Development of imported goods and selection of contractor
  • Negotiating with overseas contractors
  • Assisting overseas corporations enter the Japanese market
  • Investigating domestic and overseas laws and regulations & assisting Japanese corporations enter the world market
  • Preparation of official documents and negotiation
  • Business negotiation interpretation and translation of trade documents

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