Nobufumi Miyake, CEO
Shuji Okabe, COO (Domestic Business)
Tamotsu Yokoi, COO (Logistics)
Yoshiharu Mihara, CIO (Information and Public Relations)
Dr.Szymon Grzelak, Adviser
Kazuyuki Sawamoto(Metropolitan Regional Officer)
Barbara Zaremba(Representative in Poland)
Keiko Kobayashi(Import Sales Manager-Foods)

Nobufumi Miyake, CEO

After graduating from Kansai University’s Law Department, started working for Mitsui Trading

Audited classes at Rio Grande de Sul State University, Brazil

In charge of import and development of Brazilian iron ore, export to Brazil of railway cars, signals and transmission systems and data industries (launching and managing of telecommunication satellites, television and film production, etc.)

After sitting on a trade union’s central committee, worked at the Kansai Branch Office

Established Sanshin International Ltd. in 1989 as a trade consultation firm

Established Luckrow in 1996 and entered the health care business

In addition to trade issues related to various countries, knowledgeable of emigration to the U.S., Australia and Brazil and the health care and welfare conditions in such multi-ethnic countries.

Director, Japan-Brazil Central Association

Dr.Szymon Grzelak, Adviser